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Positional Parameters
clusterNGC 5053
RA13 16 27.09
Declination+17 42 00.9
Galactic longitude335.7
Galactic latitude78.95
R sun17.4
R gc17.8
Photometric Parameters
E (B-V)0.01
V HB16.69
Structural Parameters
[Fe / H]-2.27
Color-magnitude diagrams
authorFahlman, Gregory G.; Richer, Harvey B.; Nemec, James
titleThe stellar content and structure of the globular cluster NGC 5053
journalAstrophysical Journal, vol. 380, p. 124-139
CM diagram
Description of NGC 5053

NGC 5053 was discovered by William Herschel on March 14, 1784 and cataloged as H VI.7.

NGC 5053 is situated just about 1 degree southeast of another, much more prominent globular cluster, M53. As they happen to be at a similar distance, both clusters are spacially quite close together. NGC 5053 is of a much lesser stellar density than its prominent neighbor, and particularly lacks a concentrated bright nucleus.

At a distance of about 53,500 light-years from us, NGC 5053's apparent diameter of 10.5 arc minutes corresponds to a linear extension of about 160 light-years. The cluster shines at a visual brightness of about 9.5 magnitudes, and a photographic magnitude 10.5. Its absolute visual magnitude is only about -6.72, corresponding to an intrinsic luminosity of about 40,000 times that of our sun. It is receding from us at about 44 km/s.

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Image of the cluster from the Digital Sky Survey

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Selected biblio
Paper n. 1
Arellano Ferro, A.; Giridhar, Sunetra; Bramich, D. M.
CCD time-series photometry of the globular cluster NGC 5053: RR Lyrae, Blue Stragglers and SX Phoenicis stars revisited
2010, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
(NGC 5053 )
Paper n. 2
Sarajedini, Ata; Milone, Alejandra A. E.
BVI CCD photometry of NGC 5053: The most metal-poor galactic globular cluster
1995, The Astronomical Journal , vol. 109, no. 1669, p. 269-279
(NGC 5053 )
Paper n. 3
Fahlman, Gregory G.; Richer, Harvey B.; Nemec, James
The stellar content and structure of the globular cluster NGC 5053
1991, Astrophysical Journal, vol. 380, p. 124-139
(NGC 5053 cmd )
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