Release 11.12 ("Hergest Ridge")

Part III:  Metallicity, Kinematics, and Structural Parameters

ID  Cluster identification NGC 104
[Fe/H]  Metallicity [Fe/H] -0.76
SpT  Integrated spectral type G4 
v_r Heliocentric radial velocity (km/s) -18.7
+/-  Observational (internal) uncertainty in radial velocity 0.2
v_LSR Radial velocity relative to Solar local standard of rest -28.0
c Central concentration, c = log(r_t/r_c) 2.03
r_c Core radius in arcmin 0.44
r_h  Half-mass radius in arcmin 2.79
r_t Tidal radius in arcmin 47.25
lg(tc) Logarithm of core relaxation time, in log_10(years) 8.06
lg(th Logarithm of relaxation time at the half-mass radius, in log_10(years) 9.48
mu_V Central surface brightness, V magnitudes per square arcsecond 14.43
rho_0 Logarithm of central luminosity density (Solar luminosities per cubic parsec 4.77

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