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Positional Parameters
clusterNGC 288
RA00 52 45.24
Declination-26 34 57.4
Galactic longitude152.3
Galactic latitude-89.38
R sun8.9
R gc12
Photometric Parameters
E (B-V)0.03
V HB15.44
Structural Parameters
[Fe / H]-1.32
Color-magnitude diagrams
authorAlcaino, Gonzalo; Liller, William; Alvarado, Franklin
titleMulticolor NTT Photometry of the Anomalous Globular Cluster NGC 288
journalAstronomical Journal v.114, p.2626
CM diagram
Description of NGC 288

NGC 288 attracted attention of astronomers in the late 1980s when it was compared with the otherwise similar globular cluster NGC 362 on about the same right ascension (but much more southern), and found that NGC 288 must be about 3 billion years older. This result was found because of differences in the color-magnitude diagrams: The so-called Horizontal Branch of NGC 288 is bluer, and the turnoff point of the main sequence (hottest/bluest/most massive main sequence stars) is redder (and fainter).

Binocular observers can view NGC 288 together with the bright galaxy NGC 253 in one field; NGC 288 appears as a round nebulous object. Telescopes of 4 or 6 inches aperture resolve this cluster, provided the observer is located sufficiently south. The rather poor concentration of this cluster is indicated by its classification in class X.

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Image of the cluster from the Digital Sky Survey

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Selected biblio
Paper n. 1
Sahu, Snehalata; Subramaniam, Annapurni; Cote', Patrick; Rao, N. Kameswara; Stetson, Peter B.
UVIT-HST-GAIA view of NGC 288: a census of the hot stellar population and its properties from UV
2019, MNRAS, Volume 482, Issue 1, p.1080-1095
(NGC 288 )
Paper n. 2
Sollima, A. et al.
Searching in the dark: the dark mass content of the Milky Way globular clusters NGC288 and NGC6218
2016, MNRAS, Volume 462, Issue 2, p.1937-1951
(NGC 288 NGC 6218 )
Paper n. 3
Roh, Dong-Goo et al.
Two Distinct Red Giant Branches in the Globular Cluster NGC 288
2011, The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Volume 733, Issue 2, article id. L45,
(NGC 288 )
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