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Article ID: gc551
AuthorSan Roman, I. et al.
TitleThe Gaia-ESO Survey: Detailed abundances in the metal-poor globular cluster NGC 4372
JournalAstronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 579, 14 pp.
Year of publication2015 (on gclusters from 2018-11-13 11:14:44 )
AbstractWe present the abundance analysis for a sample of 7 red giant branch stars in the metal-poor globular cluster NGC 4372 based on UVES spectra acquired as part of the Gaia-ESO Survey. This is the first extensive study of this cluster from high-resolution spectroscopy. We derive abundances of O, Na, Mg, Al, Si, Ca, Sc, Ti, Fe, Cr, Ni, Y, Ba, and La. We find a metallicity of [Fe/H] = -2.19 (with an uncertainty of 0.03) and find no evidence of any metallicity spread. This metallicity makes NGC 4372 one of the most metal-poor Galactic globular clusters (...)
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TagsNGC 4372

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