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glink99 - Added on 2018-12-04
Messier 3 (M3). The NGC 5272 Globular Cluster During the late 18th century, Charles Messier began to notice a series of nebulous objects in the night sky which he originally mistook for comets...
glink29 - Added on 2008-11-17
Globular Cluster M3 An image by Gianluca Pompeo
glink35 - Added on 2007-06-12
Globular Star Cluster M3 at APOD This immense ball of half a million stars older than the Sun lies over 30,000 light-years away. Cataloged as M3 (and NGC 5272), it is one of about 150 globular star clusters that roam the halo of our Milky Way Galaxy...
glink39 - Added on 2007-04-16
M3: Inconstant Star Cluster Star clusters appear constant because photographs of them are frozen in time. In reality, though, cluster stars swarm the center and frequently fluctuate in brightness... (from APOD website)
glink50 - Added on 2004-10-19
M3 Variable Star Movies A nice movie created from several images by Joel D. Hartman, that allow you to see some variable stars in M3
glink58 - Added on
Kopernic Space Images: M3 From Kopernic Asto Society

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