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Date: 2003-02-18
From: Francisco Violat Bordonau
Cluster: NGC 6205
Subject: Variability of L629 confirmed
We have confirmed the variability of L629, a new variable star Red Giant (suspected variable star from 2000, June, in Osborn's paper), located in M13.

With the idea to search, measure and to determine the present parameters of new variable stars in M13 we have studied M13 during a period of 521days (of DJ 2.452.076 to DJ 2.452.596, both inclusively), and measured during 129 nights (DJ 2.452.076 to 52.204) in 2001, and other 189 nights (DJ 2.452.408 to 52.596) in 2002 the brightness of 35 different stars between variable, suspected variable and comparison stars, with telescopes of 30.2 and 20.3-cm, and CCD cameras (filter V Johnson), from Spain.

We have light curves of brightness, periodogram and measurements of L629 that characterize it as a new variable star of Red Giante type.

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