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Positional Parameters
clusterNGC 7078
nameM 15
RA21 29 58.33
Declination+12 10 01.2
Galactic longitude65.01
Galactic latitude-27.31
R sun10.4
R gc10.4
Photometric Parameters
E (B-V)0.1
V HB15.83
Structural Parameters
[Fe / H]-2.37
Color-magnitude diagrams
authorStetson, Peter B.
titleThe center of the core-cusp globular cluster M15: CFHT and HST Observations, ALLFRAME reductions
journalPASP, vol. 106, no. 697, p. 250-280
CM diagram
Description of NGC 7078

Globular Cluster M15 (also known as Messier Object 15 or NGC 7078) is a globular cluster in the constellation Pegasus. It was discovered by Jean-Dominique Maraldi in 1746 and included in Charles Messier's catalog of comet-like objects in 1764. It is estimated to be 13.2 billion years old, one of the oldest globular clusters.

M15 is at a distance of about 33,600 light-years from Earth. It has an absolute magnitude of -9.2 which translates to a total luminosity of 360,000 times that of the Sun. Messier 15 is one of the most densely packed globulars known in the Milky Way galaxy. The core of this cluster has undergone a contraction known as core collapse and it has a central density cusp (just left of centre in image at right), with an enormous number of stars surrounding what may be a central black hole.

Messier 15 contains a rather high number of variable stars; 112 of these are known to reside within its mass of stars. There have also been found to be at least 8 pulsars in M15 including one double neutron star system, M15 C. Moreover, M15 houses one of only four planetary nebulae known in a globular cluster, Pease 1, discovered in 1928.

To the amateur astronomer Messier 15 appears as a fuzzy star in the smallest of telescopes. Mid to large size telescopes (at least 6 in./150 mm diameter) will start to reveal individual stars, the brightest of which are of magnitude +12.6.

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Image of the cluster from the Digital Sky Survey

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Selected biblio
Paper n. 1
VandenBerg, Don A.; Denissenkov, P. A.; Catelan, Marcio
Constraints on the Distance Moduli, Helium and Metal Abundances, and Ages of Globular Clusters from their RR Lyrae and Non-variable Horizontal-branch Stars. I. M3, M15, and M92
2016, The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 827, Issue 1, 23 pp.
(NGC 7078 NGC 5272 NGC 6341 )
Paper n. 2
Monelli, M. et al.
The Absolute Age of the Globular Cluster M15 Using Near-infrared Adaptive Optics Images from PISCES/LBT
2015, The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 812, Issue 1, article id. 25, 12 pp.
(NGC 7078 )
Paper n. 3
A. Dieball, C. Knigge , D. R. Zurek, M. M. Shara , K. S. Long, P. A. Charles, D. Hannikainen
Unveiling the core of the Globular Cluster M15 in the Ultraviolet
2007, accepted for publication in ApJ
(NGC 7078 ultraviolet )
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