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Paper n. 1
AuthorViolat-Bordonau, F.
Title Study of the variable stars V10 and C6 in Messier 13
Journal Open European Journal on Variable Stars
Tags NGC 6205
Added on:2024-02-07

Paper n. 2
AuthorAlcaino, G. Liller, W. , Alvarado, F. Wenderoth, E.
Title Extended BVRI CCD photometry of the globular cluster NGC 2298
Journal Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement, Vol. 83, p. 269-287
CM diagram
Tags NGC 2298, cmd
Added on:2022-06-03

Paper n. 3
AuthorMusella, I. et al.
Title The STREGA survey - II. Globular cluster Palomar 12
Journal MNRAS, Volume 473, Issue 3, p.3062-3071
Tags Pal 12
Added on:2018-12-14

Paper n. 4
AuthorMunoz, C. et al.
Title Chemical analysis of NGC 6528: one of the most metal-rich bulge globular clusters
Journal Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 620, 12 pp.
Tags NGC 6528
Added on:2018-12-14

Paper n. 5
AuthorKacharov, N.; Koch, A.; McWilliam, A.
Title A comprehensive chemical abundance study of the outer halo globular cluster M 75
Journal Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 554, 15 pp
Tags NGC 6864
Added on:2018-12-10

Paper n. 6
AuthorContreras Ramos, R.; Ferraro, F. R.; Dalessandro, E.; Lanzoni, B.; Rood, R. T.
Title The Unimodal Distribution of Blue Straggler Stars in M75 (NGC 6864)
Journal The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 748, Issue 2, 9 pp.
Tags NGC 6864
Added on:2018-12-10

Paper n. 7
AuthorSharina, M. E.; Donzelli, C. J.; Davoust, E.; Shimansky, V. V.; Charbonnel, C.
Title Gemini spectroscopy of the outer disk star cluster BH176
Journal Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 570, id.A48, 15 pp.
Tags BH 176
Added on:2018-12-06

Paper n. 8
AuthorMarino, A.F. et al.
Title Metallicity Variations in the Type II Globular Cluster NGC 6934
Journal The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 859, Issue 2, 20 pp.
Tags NGC 6934
Added on:2018-12-05

Paper n. 9
AuthorVandenBerg, Don A.; Denissenkov, P. A.; Catelan, Marcio
Title Constraints on the Distance Moduli, Helium and Metal Abundances, and Ages of Globular Clusters from their RR Lyrae and Non-variable Horizontal-branch Stars. I. M3, M15, and M92
Journal The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 827, Issue 1, 23 pp.
Tags NGC 7078, NGC 5272, NGC 6341
Added on:2018-12-04

Paper n. 10
AuthorSahu, Snehalata; Subramaniam, Annapurni; Cote', Patrick; Rao, N. Kameswara; Stetson, Peter B.
Title UVIT-HST-GAIA view of NGC 288: a census of the hot stellar population and its properties from UV
Journal MNRAS, Volume 482, Issue 1, p.1080-1095
Tags NGC 288
Added on:2018-12-03

Paper n. 11
AuthorSan Roman, I. et al.
Title The Gaia-ESO Survey: Detailed abundances in the metal-poor globular cluster NGC 4372
Journal Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 579, 14 pp.
Tags NGC 4372
Added on:2018-11-13

Paper n. 12
AuthorContreras Ramos, R.; Zoccali, M.; Rojas, F.; Rojas-Arriagada, A.; Garate, M.; Huijse, P.; Gran, F.; Soto, M.; Valcarce, A. A. R.; Estevez, P. A.; Minniti, D.
Title Proper motions in the VVV Survey: Results for more than 15 million stars across NGC 6544
Journal Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 608, 13 pp.
Tags NGC 6544
Added on:2018-05-29

Paper n. 13
AuthorMilone, A. P.
Title Helium and multiple populations in the massive globular cluster NGC 6266 (M 62)
Journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 446, Issue 2, p.1672-1684
Tags NGC 6266
Added on:2018-05-29

Paper n. 14
AuthorDotter, Aaron; Sarajedini, Ata; Yang, Soung-Chul
Title Globular Clusters in the Outer Galactic Halo: AM-1 and Palomar 14
Journal The Astronomical Journal, Volume 136, Issue 4, pp. 1407-1414
Tags AM 1, Pal 14
Added on:2018-05-08

Paper n. 15
AuthorArellano Ferro, A. et al.
Title A detailed census of variable stars in the globular cluster NGC 6333 (M9) from CCD differential photometry
Journal MNRAS, Volume 434, Issue 2, p.1220-1238
Tags NGC 6333
Added on:2018-05-08

Paper n. 16
AuthorLim, Dongwook; Lee, Young-Wook; Pasquato, Mario; Han, Sang-Il; Roh, Dong-Goo
Title Reversed Trend of Radial Distribution of Subpopulations in the Globular Clusters NGC 362 and NGC 6723
Journal The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 832, Issue 2, 11 pp.
Tags NGC 362, NGC 6723
Added on:2018-04-19

Paper n. 17
AuthorAlcaino, G.; Liller, W.; Alvarado, F.; Mironov, A.; Ipatov, A.; Piskunov, A.; Samus, N.; Smirnov, O.
Title Deep multicolor CCD photometry of the globular cluster NGC 6723
Journal Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement, v.136, p.461-470 (1999)
Tags NGC 6723, cmd
Added on:2018-04-19

Paper n. 18
AuthorLlinares, Claudio
Title Testing modified gravity with globular clusters: the case of NGC 2419
Journal MNRAS Letters, Volume 476, Issue 1, p.L29-L33
Tags NGC 2419
Added on:2018-03-26

Paper n. 19
AuthorMura-Guzman, A.; Villanova, S.; Munoz, C.; Tang, B.
Title Chemical study of the metal-rich globular cluster NGC 5927
Journal MNRAS, Volume 474, Issue 4, p.4541-4551
Tags NGC 5927
Added on:2018-03-26

Paper n. 20
AuthorShishkovsky, Laura; Strader, Jay; Chomiuk, Laura; Bahramian, Arash; Tremou, Evangelia; Li, Kwan-Lok; Salinas, Ricardo; Tudor, Vlad; Miller-Jones, James C. A.; Maccarone, Thomas J.; Heinke, Craig O.; Sivakoff, Gregory R.
Title The MAVERIC Survey: A Red Straggler Binary with an Invisible Companion in the Galactic Globular Cluster M10
Journal The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 855, Issue 1, 13 pp.
Tags NGC 6254
Added on:2018-03-23

Paper n. 21
AuthorCorrenti, M. et al.
Title A low surface brightness halo surrounding the globular cluster NGC 5694
Journal MNRAS, Volume 417, Issue 4, pp. 2411-2416
Tags NGC 5694
Added on:2017-11-28

Paper n. 22
AuthorHatzidimitriou, D. et al.
Title BVRI photometry of the galactic globular cluster NGC 6779
Journal MNRAS, Volume 348, Issue 4, pp. 1157-1163
Tags NGC 6779
Added on:2017-11-24

Paper n. 23
AuthorClement, Christine M.; Shelton, Ian
Title The Structure of the Light Curves of the RR Lyrae Variables in the Oosterhoff Type I Cluster NGC 6171
Journal Astronomical Journal v.113, p. 1711-1722
Tags NGC 6171
Added on:2017-10-02

Paper n. 24
AuthorCastellani, M.; Castellani, V.; Cassisi, S.
Title RR Lyrae variables in Galactic globular clusters. V. The case of M 3 pulsators
Journal Astronomy and Astrophysics, Volume 437, pp.1017-1021
Tags NGC 5272
Added on:2017-06-13

Paper n. 25
AuthorSamus, N.; Kravtsov, V.; Pavlov, M.; Alcaino, G.; Liller, W.
Title A new photographic color-magnitude study of M22 = NGC 6656.
Journal Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. 109, 487-499 (1995)
Tags NGC 6656, cmd
Added on:2017-05-25

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