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Reference n. 1 (gc276)
AuthorSergio Ortolani, Charles Bonatto, Eduardo Bica, Beatriz Barbuy
Title Pfleiderer2: identification of a new globular cluster in the Galaxy
AbstractWe provide evidence that indicates the star cluster Pfleiderer 2, which is projected in a rich field, as a newly identified Galactic globular cluster. Since it is located in a crowded field, core extraction and decontamination tools were ap...
JournalThe Astronomical Journal, Volume 138, Issue 3, pp. 889-894
CM diagram
Year of publication:2009
Tags Pfleiderer 2

Reference n. 2 (gc416)
AuthorPfleiderer, J.; Weinberger, R.; Mross, R.
Title Some New Possible Very Red and Faint Star Clusters
JournalStar Cluster Symposium, Budapest. Edited by B.A. Balazs. Publications of Eotvos University, No. 5,P. 39.
Year of publication:1977
Tags Pfleiderer 2

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