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Reference n. 1 (gc512)
AuthorLardo, C.; Mucciarelli, A.; Bastian, N.
Title The iron dispersion of the globular cluster M2, revised
AbstractM2 has been claimed to possess three distinct stellar components that are enhanced in iron relative to each other. We use equivalent width measurements from 14 red giant branch stars (...) e perform the chemical analysis using three differe...
JournalMNRAS, Volume 457, Issue 1, p.51-63
Year of publication:2016
Tags NGC 7089

Reference n. 2 (gc213)
AuthorLee, Jae-Woo; Carney, Bruce W.
Title BV Photometry of RR Lyrae Variables in the Globular Cluster M2 (NGC 7089)
JournalThe Astronomical Journal, 1999, Volume 117, Issue 6, pp. 2868-2881
CM diagram
Year of publication:1999
Tags NGC 7089, cmd

Reference n. 3 (gc345)
AuthorAuriere, M.; Cordoni, J.P.
Title The color-magnitude diagram for stars in the central part of the globular cluster NGC 7089 (M2)
JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series, vol. 51, Jan. 1983, p. 135-142
CM diagram
Year of publication:1983
Tags NGC 7089

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