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Reference n. 1 (gc531)
AuthorLee, Jae-Woo; Carney, Bruce W.; Balachandran, Suchitra C.
Title Infrared Echelle Spectroscopy of Palomar 6 and M71
AbstractWe present high-resolution infrared echelle spectroscopy for the globular clusters Palomar 6 and M71 (...) our results show that Pal 6 has an intermediate metallicity, with [Fe/H]=-1.0+/-0.1, and is slightly more metal poor than M71......
JournalThe Astronomical Journal, Volume 128, Issue 5, pp. 2388-2401
Year of publication:2004
Tags Pal 6, NGC 6838

Reference n. 2 (gc294)
AuthorGrundahl, F.; Stetson, P. B.; Andersen, M. I.
Title The ages of the globular clusters M 71 and 47 Tuc from Strömgren uvby photometry. Evidence for high ages
JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics, v.395, p.481-497
Year of publication:2002
Tags NGC 6838, NGC 104

Reference n. 3 (gc207)
AuthorHodder, Philip J. C.; Nemec, James M.; Richer, Harvey B.; Fahlman, Gregory G.
Title Deep CCD photometry and variable stars in the metal-rich globular cluster M71
JournalAstronomical Journal, vol. 103, Feb. 1992, p. 460
CM diagram
Year of publication:1992
Tags NGC 6838, cmd

Reference n. 4 (gc426)
AuthorCuffey, James
Title NGC 5053 and NGC 6838.
AbstractNGC 5053 and NGC 6838 are remarkable for their structural peculiarities; the former is a well-resolved globular cluster and the latter a highly condensed galactic cluster. A photometric survey, undertaken to compare these interesting object...
JournalAstrophysical Journal, vol. 98, p.49
Year of publication:1943
Tags NGC 5053, NGC 6838

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