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Reference n. 1 (gc495)
AuthorGarner, David
Title On Another Wavelength: M56 - A Globular Cluster in Lyra
AbstractLyra is a favourite constellation to be hunting around at this time of the year. Not only does it have several variabile stars, including the well-known RR Lyr, it has: Vega, the fifth-brightest star in the sky and one corner of the Summer ...
JournalJournal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Vol. 105, No. 5, p.209
Year of publication:2011
Tags NGC 6779

Reference n. 2 (gc494)
AuthorPietrukowicz, P. et al.
Title CURiuos Variables Experiment (CURVE): Variable Stars in the Metal-Poor Globular Cluster M56
AbstractWe surveyed a 6.5'x6.5' field centered on the globular cluster M56 (NGC 6779) in a search for variable stars detecting seven variables, among which two objects are new identifications. One of the new variables is an RR Lyrae star, the third...
JournalActa Astronomica, vol. 58, pp. 121-130
Year of publication:2008
Tags NGC 6779

Reference n. 3 (gc541)
AuthorHatzidimitriou, D. et al.
Title BVRI photometry of the galactic globular cluster NGC 6779
AbstractWe present B, V, R and I photometry for NGC 6779 (M56), a metal-poor globular cluster in the galactic halo. The observations were performed using the 1.3-m telescope at Skinakas Observatory, in Crete......
JournalMNRAS, Volume 348, Issue 4, pp. 1157-1163
Year of publication:2004
Tags NGC 6779

Reference n. 4 (gc200)
Author Ivanov, Valentin D.; Borissova, Jordanka; Alonso-Herrero, Almudena; Russeva, Tatiana
Title Extending the Red Giant Branch versus Metallicity Calibration toward Metal-poor Systems:
Near-Infrared Photometry of the Galactic Globular Clusters M56 and M15
JournalThe Astronomical Journal, Volume 119, Issue 5, pp. 2274-2281 (2000)
CM diagram
Year of publication:2000
Tags NGC 6779, cmd

Reference n. 5 (gc483)
AuthorWehlau, A.; Hogg, H. S.
Title Two-color observations of variables in the globular cluster M56
AbstractMagnitudes for 12 variables have been measured on 364 photographic plates of M56 taken from 1935 through 1975 and on 54 B and 28 V plates taken from 1981 to 1984. Variables considered to be cluster members include two RR Lyrae stars for whi...
JournalAstronomical Journal, vol. 90, p. 2514-2525
Year of publication:1985
Tags NGC 6779

Reference n. 6 (gc482)
AuthorDavis, Helen
Title A Bright Variable Star in N. G. C. 6779 (Messier 56)
AbstractA variable star that is apparently of the Cepheid type has been found in the globular cluster N.G.C. 6779 from an examination of plates taken by Mr. Shapley and Mr. Pease. The position with respect to the center of the cluster is... No othe...
JournalPublications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Vol. 29, No. 171, p.210
Year of publication:1917
Tags NGC 6779

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