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Reference n. 1 (gc553)
AuthorVandenBerg, Don A.; Denissenkov, P. A.; Catelan, Marcio
Title Constraints on the Distance Moduli, Helium and Metal Abundances, and Ages of Globular Clusters from their RR Lyrae and Non-variable Horizontal-branch Stars. I. M3, M15, and M92
AbstractUp-to-date isochrones, zero-age horizontal-branch (ZAHB) loci, and evolutionary tracks for core He-burning stars are applied to the color-magnitude diagrams of M3, M15, and M92, focusing in particular on their RR Lyrae populations (...) Our...
JournalThe Astrophysical Journal, Volume 827, Issue 1, 23 pp.
Year of publication:2016
Tags NGC 7078, NGC 5272, NGC 6341

Reference n. 2 (gc524)
AuthorWagner-Kaiser, R. et al.
Title Bayesian Analysis of Two Stellar Populations in Galactic Globular Clusters. II. NGC 5024, NGC 5272, and NGC 6352
AbstractWe use Cycle 21 Hubble Space Telescope (HST) observations and HST archival Advanced Camera for Surveys Treasury observations of Galactic Globular Clusters to find and characterize two stellar populations in NGC 5024 (M53), NGC 5272 (M3), an...
JournalThe Astrophysical Journal, Volume 826, Issue 1, article id. 42, 18 pp.
Year of publication:2016
Tags NGC 5024, NGC 5272, NGC 6352

Reference n. 3 (gc506)
AuthorJurcsik, J. et al.
Title Overtone and Multi-mode RR Lyrae Stars in the Globular Cluster M3
AbstractThe overtone and multi-mode RR Lyrae stars in the globular cluster M3 are studied (...) 70% of the 52 overtone variables observed show some kind of multi-periodicity (...). A signal at the 0.587 frequency ratio to the fundamental-mode frequ...
JournalThe Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, Volume 219, Issue 2, article id. 25, 26 pp.
Year of publication:2015
Tags NGC 5272

Reference n. 4 (gc492)
AuthorKamann, al.
Title The central dynamics of M3, M13, and M92: stringent limits on the masses of intermediate-mass black holes
AbstractWe used the PMAS integral field spectrograph to obtain large sets of radial velocities in the central regions of three northern Galactic globular clusters: M3, M13, and M92. By applying the novel technique of crowded field 3D spectroscopy, ...
JournalAstronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 566, A58, 24 pp.
Year of publication:2014
Tags NGC 5272, NGC 6218, NGC 6341

Reference n. 5 (gc491)
AuthorDalessandro, E.; Salaris, M.; Ferraro, F. R.; Mucciarelli, A.; Cassisi, S.
Title The horizontal branch in the UV colour-magnitude diagrams - II. The case of M3, M13 and M79
AbstractWe present a detailed comparison between far-ultraviolet (UV)/optical colour-magnitude diagrams obtained with high-resolution Hubble Space Telescope data and suitable theoretical models for three Galactic globular clusters: M3, M13 and M79....
JournalMNRAS, Volume 430, Issue 1, p.459-471
Year of publication:2013
Tags NGC 6205, NGC 5272, NGC 1904

Reference n. 6 (gc539)
AuthorCastellani, M.; Castellani, V.; Cassisi, S.
Title RR Lyrae variables in Galactic globular clusters. V. The case of M 3 pulsators
AbstractWe use our synthetic Horizontal Branch (HB) procedure to approach the often debated problem of how adequate canonical HB stellar models are to account for the observed peaked distribution of RR Lyrae fundamentalised periods in the globular ...
JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics, Volume 437, pp.1017-1021
Year of publication:2005
Tags NGC 5272

Reference n. 7 (gc27)
AuthorMarconi, M.; Caputo, F.; Di Criscienzo, M.; Castellani, M.
Title RR Lyrae Stars in Galactic Globular Clusters. II. A Theoretical Approach to Variables in M3
AbstractWe present predicted relations connecting pulsational (period and amplitude of pulsation) and evolutionary (mass, absolute magnitude, and color) parameters, as based on a wide set of convective pulsating models of RR Lyrae stars with Z = 0....
JournalThe Astrophysical Journal, Volume 596, Issue 1, pp. 299-313
Year of publication:2003
Tags NGC 5272

Reference n. 8 (gc20)
AuthorCorwin, T. Michael; Carney, Bruce W.
Title BV Photometry of the RR Lyrae Variables of the Globular Cluster M3
JournalThe Astronomical Journal, Volume 122, Issue 6, pp. 3183-3211
Year of publication:2001
Tags NGC 5272, cmd

Reference n. 9 (gc28)
AuthorFerraro, F. R.; Carretta, E.; Corsi, C. E.; Fusi Pecci, F.; Cacciari, C.; Buonanno, R.; Paltrinieri, B.; Hamilton, D.
Title The stellar population of the globular cluster M 3. II. CCD photometry of additional 10,000 stars.
JournalA&A, 320, 757
Year of publication:1997
Tags NGC 5272

Reference n. 10 (gc97)
AuthorBuonanno, R.; Corsi, C. E.; Buzzoni, A.; Cacciari, C.; Ferraro, F. R.; Fusi Pecci, F.
Title The stellar population of the globular cluster M 3. I. Photographic photometry of 10 000 stars
JournalAstron. Astrophys. 290, 69-103
CM diagram
Year of publication:1994
Tags NGC 5272, cmd

Reference n. 11 (gc419)
AuthorSandage, A. R.
Title The color-magnitude diagram for the globular cluster M 3.
AbstractColors and magnitudes for 1100 stars in M3 have been derived from a combination of photographic and photoelectric techniques. The resulting color-magnitude diagram is qualitatively similar to that of M92 but significant differences are note...
JournalAstronomical Journal, Vol. 58, p. 61-75
CM diagram
Year of publication:1953
Tags NGC 5272, NGC 5904

Reference n. 12 (gc485)
AuthorArp, H. C.; Baum, W. A.; Sandage, A. R.
Title The HR diagrams for the globular clusters M 92 and M 3.
AbstractMore than 1000 stars in each of the globular clusters M92 and M3 were measured in photographic and photovisual wave lengths......
JournalAstronomical Journal, Vol. 57, p. 4-5
Year of publication:1952
Tags NGC 6341, NGC 5272

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