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Reference n. 1 (gc266)
AuthorOrtolani, S.; Barbuy, B.; Bica, E.; Zoccali, M.; Renzini, A.
Title Distances of the bulge globular clusters Terzan 5, Liller 1, UKS 1, and Terzan 4 based on HST NICMOS photometry
JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics, Volume 470, Issue 3, pp.1043-1049
Year of publication:2007
Tags Terzan 5, Liller 1, UKS 1, Terzan 4

Reference n. 2 (gc337)
AuthorStephens, Andrew W.; Frogel, Jay A.
Title An Infrared Spectroscopic Study of Eight Galactic Globular Clusters
AbstractWe have obtained medium-resolution infrared K-band spectra of 44 giants in seven heavily reddened clusters in the Galactic bulge, as well as 12 giants in Omega Centauri. We measure the equivalent widths of the Na doublet, the Ca triplet, an...
JournalThe Astronomical Journal, Volume 127, Issue 2, pp. 925-937
Year of publication:2004
Tags NGC 6526, NGC 6539, HP 1, Liller 1, Palomar 6, Terzan 2, Terzan 4

Reference n. 3 (gc453)
AuthorDavidge, T. J.
Title A Near-Infrared Photometric Study of the Low-Latitude Globular Clusters Liller 1, Djorgovski 1, HP 1, and NGC 6528
AbstractImages recorded through J,H,Ks,2.2 micrometer continuum, and 2.3 micrometer CO filters are used to investigate the stellar contents of the low Galactic latitude globular clusters NGC 6528, Liller 1, Djorgovski 1, and HP 1, as well as surrou...
JournalThe Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, Volume 126, Issue 1, pp. 105-126
Year of publication:2000
Tags Liller 1, Djorg 1, HP 1, NGC 6528

Reference n. 4 (gc149)
AuthorOrtolani, S.; Bica, E.; Barbuy, B.
Title NTT V, I and Gunn Z colour-magnitude diagrams of Liller 1
JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics, v.306, p.134
CM diagram
Year of publication:1996
Tags Liller 1, cmd

Reference n. 5 (gc365)
AuthorFrogel, Jay A.; Kuchinski, Leslie E.; Tiede, Glenn P.
Title Infrared array photometry of metal rich globular clusters. 2: Liller 1--the most metal rich cluster?
AbstractWe present the first color-magnitude diagram of Liller 1, a globular cluster with an angular separation of only 5 deg from the galactic center and a latitude of 0.2 deg. We estimate a metallicity for this cluster of [Fe/H] = +0.25 +/- 0.3 b...
JournalAstronomical Journal, vol. 109, no. 3, p. 1154-1168
CM diagram
Year of publication:1995
Tags Liller 1

Reference n. 6 (gc366)
AuthorLiller, W.
Title Searches for the optical counterparts of the X-ray burst sources MXB 1728-34 and MXB 1730-33
AbstractDeep plates taken in the near-infrared with a 4-m telescope under good seeing conditions have revealed a highly reddened compact cluster, probably globular, located in the error box of the X-ray burster MXB 1730-33. No persuasive candidate ...
JournalAstrophysical Journal, Part 2 - Letters to the Editor, vol. 213, p. L21-L23
Year of publication:1977
Tags Liller 1

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