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Reference n. 1 (gc329)
AuthorDavies, Ben et al.
Title GLIMPSE-CO1: the most massive intermediate-age stellar cluster in the Galaxy
AbstractThe stellar cluster GLIMPSE-C01 is a dense stellar system located in the Galactic plane. Though often referred to in the literature as an old globular cluster traversing the Galactic disc, previous observations do not rule out that it is an...
JournalMNRAS 411, 1386
Year of publication:2011

Reference n. 2 (gc233)
AuthorBonatto, C.; Bica, E.
Title Structural parameters of 11 faint Galactic globular clusters derived with 2MASS
AbstractStructural parameters and the total MV magnitude are important properties for the characterisation of individual globular clusters. With the growth in statistics, especially of the intrinsically faint objects, the collective properties of t...
JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 479, pp.741-750
CM diagram
Year of publication:2008
Tags IC 1257, Lynga 7, Terzan 4, Terzan 10, BH 176, 1636-283, ESO280-SC06, 2MASS-GC01, 2MASS-GC02, GLIMPSE-C01, AL 3

Reference n. 3 (gc221)
AuthorKobulnicky, Henry A et al.
Title Discovery of a New Low-Latitude Milky Way Globular Cluster Using GLIMPSE
JournalThe Astronomical Journal, Volume 129, Issue 1, pp. 239-250.
CM diagram
Year of publication:2005
Tags GLIMPSE-C01, cmd

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