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Article ID: gc553
AuthorVandenBerg, Don A.; Denissenkov, P. A.; Catelan, Marcio
TitleConstraints on the Distance Moduli, Helium and Metal Abundances, and Ages of Globular Clusters from their RR Lyrae and Non-variable Horizontal-branch Stars. I. M3, M15, and M92
JournalThe Astrophysical Journal, Volume 827, Issue 1, 23 pp.
Year of publication2016 (on gclusters from 2018-12-04 10:18:41 )
AbstractUp-to-date isochrones, zero-age horizontal-branch (ZAHB) loci, and evolutionary tracks for core He-burning stars are applied to the color-magnitude diagrams of M3, M15, and M92, focusing in particular on their RR Lyrae populations (...) Our analysis suggests a preference for stellar models that take diffusive processes into account.
TagsNGC 7078 , NGC 5272 , NGC 6341

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