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Article ID: gc546
AuthorLim, Dongwook; Lee, Young-Wook; Pasquato, Mario; Han, Sang-Il; Roh, Dong-Goo
TitleReversed Trend of Radial Distribution of Subpopulations in the Globular Clusters NGC 362 and NGC 6723
JournalThe Astrophysical Journal, Volume 832, Issue 2, 11 pp.
Year of publication2016 (on gclusters from 2018-04-19 14:38:36 )
AbstractMost globular clusters (GCs) are now known to host multiple stellar populations with different light element abundances. Here we use narrow-band photometry and low-resolution spectroscopy for NGC 362 and NGC 6723 to investigate their chemical properties and radial distributions of subpopulations. We confirm that NGC 362 and NGC 6723 are among the GCs with multiple populations showing bimodal CN distribution and CN-CH anti-correlation without a significant spread in calcium abundance...
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TagsNGC 362 , NGC 6723

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