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Article ID: gc545
AuthorMura-Guzman, A.; Villanova, S.; Munoz, C.; Tang, B.
TitleChemical study of the metal-rich globular cluster NGC 5927
JournalMNRAS, Volume 474, Issue 4, p.4541-4551
Year of publication2018 (on gclusters from 2018-03-26 15:12:01 )
AbstractGlobular clusters (GCs) are natural laboratories where stellar and chemical evolution can be studied in detail. In addition, their chemical patterns and kinematics can tell us to which Galactic structure (disc, bulge, halo or extragalactic) the cluster belongs to. NGC 5927 is one of most metal-rich GCs in the Galaxy and its kinematics links it to the thick disc. We present abundance analysis based on high-resolution spectra of seven giant stars (...) We found a mean iron content of [Fe/H] = -0.47 ...
TagsNGC 5927

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