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Article ID: gc544
AuthorLlinares, Claudio
TitleTesting modified gravity with globular clusters: the case of NGC 2419
JournalMNRAS Letters, Volume 476, Issue 1, p.L29-L33
Year of publication2018 (on gclusters from 2018-03-26 14:33:51 )
AbstractThe dynamics of globular clusters has been studied in great detail in the context of general relativity as well as with modifications of gravity that strongly depart from the standard paradigm such as Modified Newtonian Dynamics. However, at present there are no studies that aim to test the impact that less extreme modifications of gravity (e.g. models constructed as alternatives to dark energy) have on the behaviour of globular clusters. This Letter presents fits to the velocity dispersion profile of the cluster NGC 2419 under the symmetron-modified gravity model...
TagsNGC 2419

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