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Article ID: gc536
AuthorKunder, Andrea et al.
TitleThe RR Lyrae Variables and Horizontal Branch of NGC 6656 (M22)
JournalThe Astronomical Journal, Volume 146, Issue 5, 15 pp.
Year of publication2013 (on gclusters from 2017-05-25 12:31:32 )
AbstractThe first calibrated broadband UBVI time-series photometry is presented for the RR Lyrae variable stars in NGC 6656 (M22), with observations spanning a range of 22 years. We have also redetermined the variability types and periods for the RR Lyrae stars identified previously by photographic observations, revising the number of fundamental-mode RR Lyrae variables (RR0) to 10 and the number of first-overtone variables (RR1) to 16. The mean periods of the RR0 and RR1 variables...
TagsNGC 6656

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