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AuthorThygesen, A. O. et al.
TitleThe chemical composition of red giants in 47 Tucanae. I. Fundamental parameters and chemical abundance patterns
JournalAstronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 572, A108
Year of publication2014 (on gclusters from 2015-04-29 10:46:58 )
Abstract(...) We derive abundances of a total 27 elements (O, Na, Mg, Al, Si, Ca, Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Y, Zr, Mo, Ru, Ba, La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Eu, Dy). Departures from LTE were taken into account for Na, Al, and Ba. We find a mean [Fe/H] = -0.78 ± 0.07 and [alpha/Fe]=0.34±0.03 in good agreement with previous studies. The remaining elements show good agreement with the literature, but including NLTE for Al has a significant impact on the behavior of this key element. We confirm the presence of an Na-O anti-correlation in 47 Tucanae found by several other works. (...)
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TagsNGC 104

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