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Article ID: gc472
AuthorDi Cecco, A. et al.
TitleOn the Density Profile of the Globular Cluster M92
JournalThe Astronomical Journal, Volume 145, pag. 103
Year of publication2013 (on gclusters from 2014-11-26 10:56:12 )
AbstractWe present new number density and surface brightness profiles for the globular cluster M92 (NGC 6341). These profiles are calculated from optical images collected with the CCD mosaic camera MegaCam at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope and with the Advanced Camera for Surveys on the Hubble Space Telescope. The ground-based data were supplemented with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey photometric catalog (...) we found that the stellar distribution becomes clumpy at radial distances larger than ~13', and there is no preferred orientation of contours in space ...
TagsNGC 6341

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