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Article ID: gc460
AuthorPryor, Carlton; McClure, Robert D.; Fletcher, J. M.; Hesser, James E.
TitleMass-to-light ratios for globular clusters. I - The centrally concentrated clusters NGC 6624, M28 (NGC 6626), and M70 (NGC 6681)
JournalAstronomical Journal, vol. 98, p. 596-610
Year of publication1989 (on gclusters from 2014-05-30 17:24:16 )
AbstractRadial velocities accurate to about 1 km/s have been obtained for about 20 stars in each of the two cusp clusters NGC 6624 and M70 and in the centrally concentrated noncusped cluster M28. NGC 6624 and M70 are equally well fit by single and multicomponent King (1966) models with concentrations of greater than 2.0, and M28 is best fit by models with a concentration near 2.0. It is found that the M/L ratios of NGC 6624, M28, and M70 do not differ significantly from each other or from those of the cluster population as a whole...
TagsNGC 6626 , NGC 6624 , NGC 6681 , NGC 6584

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