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Article ID: gc432
AuthorZinn, R.
TitleThe globular cluster system of the Galaxy. I - The metal abundances and reddenings of 70 globular clusters from integrated light measurements
JournalAstrophysical Journal Supplement Series, vol. 42, p. 19-40.
Year of publication1980 (on gclusters from 2014-01-16 12:31:38 )
AbstractPhotoelectric photometry of the integrand light of globular clusters in selected filter passbands has been used to derive estimates of their interstellar reddenings and metal abundances (i.e., [Fe/H]). The uncertainties in these estimates average ±0.03 in E(B - V) and ±0.10 in [Fe/H], which are not much larger than the uncertainties in the estimates derived from the best methods that rely on observations of individual stars in the clusters. Seventy-nine globular clusters have been observed with our technique, which brings to 84 the total number of globular clusters with precise estimates of metal abundance.

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