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AuthorDavidge, T. J.
TitleNear-Infrared Photometry of the Core-Collapsed Metal-Poor Globular Cluster NGC 5946 and NGC 7099
JournalAstronomical Journal v.110, p.1177
Year of publication1995 (on gclusters from 2013-11-04 18:02:14 )
AbstractModerately deep near-infrared images are used to investigate the photometric properties and spatial distribution of bright giants near the centers of the core-collapsed globular clusters NGC 5946 and NGC 7099. The former cluster is located at a low galactic latitude and is heavily reddened; nevertheless, the K, J-K color-magnitude diagram shows a well defined giant branch, with a width ±0.05 mag in J-K. Most of the observed width is due to differential reddening. (...) The integrated J-K color of NGC 7099 changes with radius, such that ?(J-K)/? log(r)=0.05-0.09, depending on the technique used to measure colors. Similar radial variations in stellar content might be expected in NGC 5946; however, the integrated J-K color of this cluster remains constant with radius and, after removing the brightest resolved stars, a color gradient is seen that is in the opposite sense to that in NGC 7099. The relative density of bright giant branch stars also remains constant within 30 arcsec of the center of NGC 5946. Therefore, it is concluded that NGC 5946 does not contain stellar content gradients similar to those seen in NGC 7099 and other post core-collapsed clusters.
TagsNGC 5946 , NGC 7099

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