Release 11.12 ("Hergest Ridge")

Adoption FAQ page

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Q:What information can I report to you, assuming I'm a tutor of NGC 104 (47 Tucanae)?
A: Here are some examples of things you can report (but you can easily extend to other cases as well)...

Q: What happen if I do not send you any info for a long time?
A: If we have no activity from you for a whole year, we can think about removing your name on the given cluster, in order to free the slot for other person that may have more time (we'll send you a mail before doing any action)...

Q: I've changed my mind! Can I resign from tutoring my cluster(s)?
A: Anytime! Just drop us an email. :-)

Q: I'm not sure, should I still wait?
A: No! There are still many clusters in need of a "tutor" just now... give a try. In any case, you can always rely upon the previous question... So, come on, adopt one of them!

Q: I've another question, but it's not listed here...
A: drop us an email to Thanks in advance for your collaboration!

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