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List of the most recent upgrades and modifications in the GGC database.

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Date Topic Category
2008-07-31 Created a page containing the list of most recent added values for parameters (recparam.php) web pages
2008-01-04 While listing the parameters of a single cluster, now you can click on each parameter name to find the other values available in the database web pages
2007-11-26 Online the new release of Gclusters (codename: "Paola")! For other info, see this post on the related blog. web pages
2007-08-10 Created the page for the recently discovered globular cluster FR 1767 cluster data
2007-07-20 Updated bibliography available for the cluster NGC2419 cluster data
2007-06-21 Updated data available for the cluster NGC6864 cluster data
2007-06-15 Revised the layout of the page with the detailed listing for a given cluster, e.g. link for M13 web pages
2007-06-15 Updated data available for the cluster NGC6426 cluster data
2007-06-14 Updated the page with the links for a given cluster, e.g. links for M3.
Updated whatsnew.php and whatsnew2.php (...and yes, I do like very much the Comic Sans MS fonts face!)
web pages
2007-06-13 Updated the page link_lt.php web pages