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The greatest of all... "Of the 200 or so globular clusters that survive today, Omega Centauri is the largest, containing over ten million stars...."
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Hubble Data Used to Look 10,000 Years into the Future "astronomers have made the most accurate measurements yet of the motions of more than 100,000 cluster inhabitants, the largest survey to date to study the movement of stars in any cluster..."
glink26 - Added on 2008-12-03
Omega Centauri: the glittering giant of the southern skies Omega Centauri is one of the finest jewels of the southern hemisphere night sky, as ESO's latest stunning image beautifully illustrates. Containing millions of stars, this globular cluster is located roughly 17 000 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Centaurus.
glink34 - Added on 2008-04-04
Black hole found in enigmatic Omega Centauri Omega Centauri has been known as an unusual globular cluster for a long time. A new result obtained by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope and the Gemini Observatory reveals that the explanation behind Omega Centauri's peculiarities may be a black hole hidden in its centre...
glink38 - Added on 2007-04-19
NGC 5139: Omega Centauri (from APOD) Centaurus is one of the most striking constellations in the southern sky. The Milky Way flows through this celestial expanse whose wonders also include the closest star system to the Sun, Alpha Centauri, and the largest globular star cluster in our galaxy, Omega Centauri (aka NGC 5139)...
glink46 - Added on 2005-07-12
Peering into the Core of a Globular Cluster Astronomers have used NASA's Hubble Space Telescope to peer into the center of a dense swarm of stars called Omega Centauri...
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Omega Cen A nice photo of the cluster...
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AAO-DB: Omega Cen From Anglo Australian DB

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