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AuthorCorrenti, M. et al.
TitleA low surface brightness halo surrounding the globular cluster NGC 5694
AbstractWe report on the discovery of an extended stellar halo surrounding the distant Galactic globular cluster NGC 5694 (...) Stars with colour and magnitude consistent with the main sequence of the cluster are clearly identified (...) We do not find a clear end of the structure within our field. The overall observed profile cannot be properly fitted with either a King model, an Elson et al. model or a Wilson model; however, it is very smooth and does not show any sign of the break near the tidal radius that is typically observed in stellar systems with tidal tails (...) The possible origin of the detected structure is discussed, as a clear-cut conclusion cannot be reached with the available data.
JournalMNRAS, Volume 417, Issue 4, pp. 2411-2416
Year of publication2011
TagsNGC 5694

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