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AuthorClement, Christine M.; Shelton, Ian
TitleThe Structure of the Light Curves of the RR Lyrae Variables in the Oosterhoff Type I Cluster NGC 6171
AbstractCCD observations have been used to derive precise light curves and Fourier parameters for sixteen RR Lyrae variables in the Oosterhoff type I globular cluster NGC 6171. (...) A comparison with the parameters determined from CCD observations of RRc stars in six other galactic globular clusters indicates that mean masses and mean luminosities increase and mean temperatures and helium abundances decrease with decreasing cluster metal abundance. The formulae of Jurcsik & Kovacs for relating Fourier parameters of RRab stars to [Fe/H] and luminosity have been tested and the results are reasonable.
JournalAstronomical Journal v.113, p. 1711-1722
Year of publication1997
TagsNGC 6171

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