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AuthorMassari, D. et al.
TitleThe chemical composition of the low-mass Galactic globular cluster NGC 6362
AbstractWe present chemical abundances for 17 elements in a sample of 11 red giant branch stars in NGC 6362 from UVES spectra. NGC 6362 is one of the least massive globulars where multiple populations have been detected, yet its detailed chemical composition has not been investigated so far.(...) A differential comparison with M4, a globular cluster with similar mass and metallicity, reveals that the two clusters share the same chemical composition. This finding suggests that NGC 6362 is indeed a regular cluster, formed from gas that has experienced the same chemical enrichment of other clusters with similar metallicity.
JournalMNRAS, Volume 468, Issue 1, p.1249-1258
Year of publication2017
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TagsNGC 6362

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