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Reference n. 1 (gc268)
AuthorLee, Jae-Woo; Carney, Bruce W.
Title VI Photometry of Globular Clusters NGC 6293 and NGC 6541: The Formation of the Metal-poor Inner Halo Globular Clusters
JournalThe Astronomical Journal, Volume 132, Issue 5, pp. 2171-2186
Year of publication:2006
Tags NGC 6293, NGC 6541

Reference n. 2 (gc331)
AuthorLee, Jae-Woo; Carney, Bruce W.
Title Chemical Abundances of Three Metal-poor Globular Clusters (NGC 6287, NGC 6293, and NGC 6541) in the Inner Halo
AbstractWe present a chemical abundance study of three inner old halo clusters, NGC 6287, 6293, and 6541, finding [Fe/H]=-2.01+/-0.05, -1.99+/-0.02, and -1.76+/-0.02 (internal), respectively, and our metallicity measurements are in good agreement w...
JournalThe Astronomical Journal, Volume 124, Issue 3, pp. 1511-1527
Year of publication:2002
Tags NGC 6541, NGC 6293, NGC 6287

Reference n. 3 (gc133)
AuthorJanes, K. A.; Heasley, J. N.
Title NGC 6293 and NGC 6333 - Photometry of two clusters in the central bulge of the Galaxy
JournalAstronomical Journal, vol. 101, June 1991, p. 2097-2101
CM diagram
Year of publication:1991
Tags NGC 6293, cmd

Reference n. 4 (gc446)
AuthorClement, C. M.; Panchhi, P. S.; Wells, T. R.
Title Variable stars in the globular cluster NGC 6293
AbstractThree new variables have been found in NGC 6293. Of 11 variables in and around the cluster, periods have been determined for nine. Five of these are RR Lyrae variables, one is a Cepheid, and three are Mira variables. Four of the RR Lyrae st...
JournalAstronomical Journal, vol. 87, Nov. 1982, p. 1491-1496.
Year of publication:1982
Tags NGC 6293

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