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Reference n. 1 (gc534)
AuthorMoni Bidin, C.; Moehler, S.; Piotto, G.; Momany, Y.; Recio-Blanco, A.
Title A lack of close binaries among hot horizontal branch stars in globular clusters. M 80 and NGC 5986
AbstractRecent investigations have revealed a surprising lack of close binaries among extreme horizontal branch (EHB) stars in the globular cluster NGC 6752, at variance with the analogous sdB field stars. Another puzzling result concerns the deriv...
JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics, Volume 498, Issue 3, 2009, pp.737-751
Year of publication:2009
Tags NGC 5986

Reference n. 2 (gc111)
AuthorRosenberg, A.; Piotto, G.; Saviane, I.; Aparicio, A.
Title Photometric catalog of nearby globular clusters. I. A large homogeneous (V,I) color-magnitude diagram data-base
JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics Supplement, v.144, p.5-38 (2000)
CM diagram
Year of publication:2000
Tags NGC 5986, cmd

Reference n. 3 (gc193)
AuthorOrtolani, S.; Momany, Y.; Barbuy, B.; Bica, E.; Catelan, M.
Title Colour-magnitude diagrams of the inner halo globular clusters NGC 5986 and NGC 6712
JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics, v.362, p.953-958 (2000)
Year of publication:2000
Tags NGC 6712, cmd, NGC 5986

Reference n. 4 (gc533)
AuthorAlcaino, G.
Title A photoelectric sequence in the region of the globular cluster NGC 5986
AbstractA UBV photoelectric sequence of 22 stars in the magnitude (V) range from 8.6 to 16.6 is presented in the region of the galactic globular cluster NGC 5986. This sequence supplements that of 6 bright stars within the V range from 8.6 to 11.4 ...
JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics, vol. 139, no. 2, Oct. 1984, p. 549, 550
Year of publication:1984
Tags NGC 5986

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