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Reference n. 1 (gc551)
AuthorSan Roman, I. et al.
Title The Gaia-ESO Survey: Detailed abundances in the metal-poor globular cluster NGC 4372
AbstractWe present the abundance analysis for a sample of 7 red giant branch stars in the metal-poor globular cluster NGC 4372 based on UVES spectra acquired as part of the Gaia-ESO Survey. This is the first extensive study of this cluster from hig...
JournalAstronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 579, 14 pp.
Year of publication:2015
Tags NGC 4372

Reference n. 2 (gc90)
AuthorAlcaino, Gonzalo; Liller, William; Alvarado, Franklin; Wenderoth, Erich
Title BVRI CCD photometry of the metal-poor globular cluster NGC 4372
JournalAstronomical Journal, vol. 102, July 1991, p. 159
CM diagram
Year of publication:1991
Tags NGC 4372, cmd

Reference n. 3 (gc408)
AuthorAlcaino, G.
Title The globular cluster NGC 4372
AbstractA UBV photometric investigation of Southern Globular Cluster NGC 4372 was carried out using the 1 m telescope of Cerro La Silla (ESO) for the photoelectric work, and the 1.5 m telescope of Cerro Tololo (AURA) together with the 1 m telesc...
JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics Suppl. 13, 345
CM diagram
Year of publication:1974
Tags NGC 4372, cmd

Reference n. 4 (gc407)
AuthorHartwick, F. D. A.; Hesser, J. E.
Title The color-magnitude diagram of the metal-poor southern globular cluster NGC 4372
AbstractA photometric UBV study to V=17.2 of the globular cluster NGC 4372 has revealed: (1) a color-magnitude diagram characteristic of very metal-poor clusters; (2) a large and variable absorption in front of the cluster; and (3) a distance modul...
JournalAstrophysical Journal, 186, 1171
CM diagram
Year of publication:1973
Tags NGC 4372, cmd

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