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AuthorTailo, M.; Di Criscienzo, M.; D'Antona, F.; Caloi, V.; Ventura, P.
TitleThe mosaic multiple stellar populations in Omega Centauri: the horizontal branch and the main sequence
JournalMNRAS, Astronomical Society, Volume 457, Issue 4
Year of publication2016 (on gclusters from 2016-03-21 11:37:04 )
AbstractWe interpret the stellar population of Omega Centauri by means of a population synthesis analysis (...) We deal at the same time with the main sequences, sub-giant and horizontal branch (HB) data. The reproduction of the observed colour-magnitude features is very satisfying and bears interesting hints concerning the evolutionary history of this peculiar stellar ensemble. Our main results are: (1) no significant spread in age is required to fit the colour-magnitude diagram (...) (2) a satisfactory fit of the whole HB is obtained, consistent with the choice of the populations providing a good reproduction of the main sequence and sub-giant data; (3) the split in magnitude observed in the red HB is well reproduced assuming the presence of two stellar populations in the two different sequences observed (...) This modelization also fits satisfactorily the period and the [Fe/H] distribution of the RR Lyrae stars.
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TagsNGC 5139

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