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Article ID: gc362
AuthorSeitzer, Patrick; Carney, Bruce W.
TitleThe obscure globular cluster Palomar 15
JournalAstronomical Journal, vol. 99, p. 229-239
Year of publication1990 (on gclusters from 2013-08-06 14:13:45 )
AbstractBV photometry is presented for the globular cluster Palomar 15, based on CCD data obtained with telescopes at Kitt Peak and Cerro Tololo. By comparing the present color-magnitude diagram with those of other clusters, the reddening of Palomar 15 is estimated to be 0.40 + or - 0.05 mag, much higher than in neighboring fields or determined from the reddening maps of Burstein and Heiles (1982). Previously published distances and tidal radii for the cluster are thus possibly in error. The cluster has an extremely blue horizontal branch, with no RR Lyr variables found.
TagsPal 15

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